If you’re a fan of overly-poetic, deep, snail-paced films, October might just work for you… but carry enough coffee just to be safe!

As much as I love watching Varun Dhawan pull off serious roles so gracefully, I’m not quite sure I feel the same way about October – a hazy, melancholic film that is so determined to convey a deeper meaning that it all eventually evaporates into yawns and heavy eyes.

The film revolves around Dan (Varun Dhawan), a young hotel management intern, who seems to be completely fed up of his mundane dispassionate life, affecting his work as well as his relationships with his colleagues. However, Dan’s life takes a twist when Shiuli (Banita Sandhu), one of his comrades, meets with an accident, thereby, changing Dan’s life forever.

The purpose of the film was to illustrate the transformative effect of Shiuli’s condition on Dan’s life. The need to convey a deeper connection between the two and spread the message of hope and love was so desperate that it seemed as if this slow-paced, dragged out story was being forced onto the audience in the attempt to induce sympathy and sensitivity.

Varun Dhawan’s acting was probably the only motivation that helped me get through. Watching his chocolate boy looks blend into a mature, sober personality definitely made sitting through the boredom, worth it (well, at least to some extent). On the other hand, a fresh face and potentially great actor like Banita Sandhu would surely be more suited for a role comprising of dialogues and actual acting for her debut film, don’t you think?

Still, overlooking all the flaws of the film, I definitely expected the cryptic title to be well-explained at the very least! But yet again, to my dismay, director Shoojit Sircar decided to unveil the mystery behind the title in just one bland dialogue towards the end of the movie.

An optimistic film like October had a lot of potential, but unfortunately, failed to grasp the audience’s attention right till the end due to its lack of depth, sharpness and acceleration.

In short, October is like a drug that gets you high but cuts off its intoxicating ability as soon as you start to feel it..

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Posted by:The Cine Surgeon

Diu Somani, The CineSurgeon, is a student of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery at the Royal Veterinary College in London. Diu has two main loves, animals and Bollywood.