Director Mudassar Aziz, after a greatly average first part, was there really a need to come up with a greatly disappointing sequel?

Rating – 1.5 / 5

With no other major releases this weekend, I was reluctantly excited to watch Happy Phirr Bhaag Jaayegi – a fun-but-flawed and waste of time sequel to the 2014 Happy Bhaag Jaayegi, with a lot more running and lot less solid content.

The scattered story of this truly blundered film introduces a new Harpreet Kaur aka Happy (Sonakshi Sinha), who’s mistaken to be the original Happy (Diana Penty) and gets kidnapped by a Hindi-speaking group of Chinese gangsters, leading to a gush of amusingly & co-incidentally unfortunate events. Laaaame!

But this movie is literally all over the place, due to its lack of a true conflict and every unrealistic repetitive issue depicted in a super casual manner, making it exceedingly difficult for anyone to take the film seriously (cause Chinese mafia? Really?)

In terms of acting, the men definitely outshone the ladies. Newbie singer-turned-actor Jassie Singh tried his best as a debutant but sadly, his underconfidence and stiffness couldn’t be hidden. However, a very charming Jimmy Shergil, in particular, caught my eye with his wanna-be character, failed angrezi attempts, and a sympathetically classic “Main ghodi chadh gaya tha!”

Agartu Gill hai, tohmain Shergill hoon!

Sonakshi Sinha was definitely not the smartest pick for the role – her loud obnoxious (over) acting was simply unable to do justice to the lead character, Happy. And for some reason, our original well-suited Diana Penty was merely a cameo in the attempt to create some consequential chaos, but all in vain.

So a banal screenplay combined with a poorly chosen cast, I guess it’s just the pumped-up Punjabi music and a few half-hearted jokes here and there that makes the movie even slightly bearable. All you filmy people, watch with caution, or you might be the one running away…

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