What do you get when galvanizing computer graphics meet some solid unique content? A grand 2.0!

Rating – 3.75 / 5

Go big or go home, right? Well, it’s no surprise that director Shankar has decided to go all in with his Akki-Rajini mega-movie, 2.0! But what else did you expect when two such charismatic superheroes are sharing the same screen?

Sci-fi genre films (throwback to Krishh 3, Ra.One and Mr. X) haven’t exactly been the forte of our film industry, with their unnecessarily ostentatious elements and over-complicated plots that simply fly over the audience’s head (quite literally, sometimes). However, our focus film for the weekend, 2.0, features not only some crazy computer graphics but also a legitimately enjoyable story, which certainly altered my opinion on Bollywood’s ability to produce computer-age films.

A strong sequel to the 2010 original superhit Robot, 2.0 pivots around the genius scientist Dr. Vaseegaran (Superstar Rajinikanth), who is almost exclusively accompanied by his smoking hot female robot-cum-assistant, Nila (Amy Jackson). A disappearing-cellphone outbreak overcomes the city of Chennai, wherein, all mobile phones in the city are just magnetically flown off people’s hands, evapourating straight into the sky! Sounds mental, right? But this is just the beginning! What follows is a graphic roller-coaster involving a life-sized sparrow built of thousands of cell phones on a mission to destroy the city, fighting against our forever-favourite robot Chitti (Superstar Rajinikanth).

I’m Chitti, reloaded, version 2.0!

But who are we kidding? The plot’s not the reason we came to watch this sci-fi spectacle! A million cellphones lighting up roads and jungles, killing men in the most gruesome way imaginable and of course, building up to an ultimate showdown with Chitti and his army of ‘microbots’ – the soul of the film lied solely in the magnitude of some mindboggling (yet stunning) computer generated imagery that not only kept the movie alive and driven but also strategically complemented the ongoing war between Pakshirajan (Akshay Kumar) and Dr. Vaseegaran.

Yet, no sequel can pass by without being compared to its predecessor. 2.0’s effort in maintaining continuity with Robot, including Dr. Vaseegaran’s girlfriend, Sana’s incessant calls and passing comments regarding Chitti’s banishment, was noteworthy. But even though 2.0 made one hell of an attempt at combining vivid visuals with an original narrative and introducing a magnetic villain like Akshay Kumar was a smart move, the film gravely fell short of the slapstick humour and masala that Robot offered. The love angle injected between Nila and Chitti, and the cruel intentions of the secondary villain, Dhirendra Bohra (Sudhanshu Pandey), lacked timing and development. Despite the film’s strengths and weaknesses, simply cutting it down by around twenty minutes towards the end would have done the trick!

All in all, a greatly entertaining and visually grand film that shouldn’t be missed. I wouldn’t say watch it for Rajini, or watch it for Akshay, but merely for the endeavor that’s gone behind producing such a large-scale graphic display!

Dot. 😉

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Diu Somani, The CineSurgeon, is a student of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery at the Royal Veterinary College in London. Diu has two main loves, animals and Bollywood.