What do you get when you throw in a bunch of clichés, catchy songs, a seen-before script and a whole lot of masala? A Rohit Shetty directional, duh!

Rating – 2.75 / 5

From poise and proper to down and dirty – the makers of Singham and Singham Returns are back with a bang to create a naughty, quirky, bad(ass) cop, Simmba!

ACP Sangram Bhalerao aka Simmba (Ranveer Singh), a not-so-honest police officer, who loves to take full advantage of bribes by instilling fear in the locals, finds himself torn between his loyalty to the dangerously powerful “bhai” Durva Ranade (Sonu Sood) and his responsibilities as a cop (and a human) towards his loved ones, whose lives are at great risk. A mundane and recognized story that eventually goes on to question Simmba’s morals, when he’s forced to make a choice between good and evil.

Bhau, je mala maait nai, te saangha! Tell me something I don’t know

The heart and soul of the film, Ranveer Singh, will grab you by the collar and refuse to let go right till the very end! His puppy-like expressions, wacky catchlines (“mind ijj blowing”) and an overall offbeat yet daredevil personality is guaranteed to keep a smile stuck to your face. But where is Sara Ali Khan? Simmba’s (leading) lady, Shagun (Sara Ali Khan) is pretty much MIA throughout the 159 minutes and is irregularly seen on and off screen for not more than a total of ten minutes. That being said, the underdeveloped chemistry between the two and a total lack of conviction in their emotions makes their love story seem more like a filler than a genuine romance.

Bad cop turned good, rape of the innocent, love at first sight, bhai-behen and maa-beta rishtas – to say that Simmba was a mere stack of every Bollywood cliché ever would be an understatement. The film followed a moderately thought out script fueled by a few been-there-heard-that jokes here and there and an abundant amount of typical cheesy dialogues. A crisp, power-packed and ridiculously entertaining two-third but by the time the final bit came around, you’re already restlessly staring at your watches!

For a few grace marks, the film offered an exceedingly catchy and masaledaar playlist – right from the trending song of the season ‘Aankh Maare’ to a soulful remake of Nusratji’s ‘Tere Bin’. But sadly, the film exhausts all its soundtracks in the first half itself, leaving the second half quite high and dry to say the least.

Special appearances by the original DCP Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgn), the glorious and valiant officer who swoops in to save the day (and Simmba’s ass), followed by a glimpse of yet another noble cop Veer Sooryavanshi (Akshay Kumar) were completely unnecessary, but at the same time, made the heavy and tedious build-up to the climax slightly worthwhile.

And lastly, a very special shout-out to the supporting cast (Ashutosh Rana, Siddhartha Jadhav and Ashwini Kalsekar in particular) for their brilliant performances that not only sewed the story together but also kept the film’s energy elevated.

An exuberant, eccentric and exceptionally entertaining film that serves as a dynamic end to an oh-so-filmy 2018! Definitely worth a watch!

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