They say there’s a first time for everything but watching a Maddock films production do so miserably despite having a truckload of cute comic actors…WHYYYYY?!

Rating – 1.5 / 5 ⭐½

One of the most irritating things in the filmy world is when a well-casted film with a legitimately quirky and funny trailer ends up being nothing more than two hours of hollow, trashy storytelling, all in the name of “comedy”. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Punjabi director Rohit Jugraj aspired to do – not sure whether he was trying to make a joke on cop films, or a joke on the audience for actually showing up for it…

A (lame-ass) spoof on Bollywood cop movies, this film follows the life of Arjun Patiala (Diljit Dosanjh), a super chilled out, laidback, police in-charge in Ferozpur, whose current mission is to make his area a crime-free zone. Instead of putting in the hardwork, Arjun and his chela Onnida Singh (Varun Sharma) use some “unique” techniques to rid the town of all its gundas. On the side, a love story is cooking up between Arjun and Ritu Randhawa (Kriti Sanon), a chirpy lively journalist soon to find out about her beau’s tricks.

“Badi sad si story thi bhai, lekin explanation ki zaroorat nahi thi!”

Although this bland and senseless Diljit-Kriti starrer offered a pinch of witty elements, such as nicknaming the corrupt MLA Praapti Makkar “Property Makkaar”, or Varun Sharma’s story about how he got named Onnida Singh, the film fell short on the one thing it promised – a satirical comment on mainstream police-wali pictures. Apart from throwing in a few retakes, budget problems, and an overdramatic (yet stunning) Kriti in a white saree, Arjun Patiala was unable to remain consistent with its spoof themed content, allowing the audience to neglect its original objective and focus more on the plot, which was, to put it lightly, dumb as hell!

Diljit and Kriti were both likeable in their comfort zones, sans any chemistry though – the romance between the two had no substance, seeming a tad bit forced. And although Kriti Sanon was just how we know her – cute, funny and oh-so-badass, she offered nothing extraordinary on the table, which got a bit too “been there done that”. Our favourite fukra Varun Sharma tried to induce effortless comedy as usual and to some extent, even succeeded, but Arjun Patiala’s already-doomed plot was quite a speed-breaker, disallowing the jokes and the humour from reaching anywhere near the audience’s benchmark. We also saw Pankaj Tripathi…in the first 2 minutes and last 2 minutes of the film. What a disgrace.

Sooo, to wrap it up – one of those easily forgettable, nothing-special films that offers no memorable elements and will definitely not be “with you, for you, always”. Skip it, guys, skip it.

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