A mind-numbing and neuron-stimulating thriller stemming from revolutionary filmmaking along with exceptional acting! Director Prakash Kovelamudi, what a fab Bollywood debut!

Rating – 3.5 / 5 ⭐⭐⭐½

Right from the very first scene of the film, which opens a gravely dark childhood scene involving Kangana, everything to come is looped…in the wildest, trippiest, darkest way possible. This Ranaut-Rao starrer is essentially a tease, creepily getting you psyched for what’s to come and then casually throwing out unexpected unimaginable brain-bombs!

Judgementall Hai Kya is centered around Bobby Grewal (Kangana Ranaut), a crazy, quirky, mentally-different dubbing artist, whose life takes a dark and twisty turn when Keshav (Rajkumar Rao) and his wife Reema (Amyra Dastur) move in as her new tenants. Aside from having a secret obsession of some sorts with the steamy Keshav and a few utterly absurd conversations, all seems to be going fairly “normal” in Bobby’s life…that is, of course, until a murder takes place, triggering a cascade of jaw-dropping, spine-chilling events.

“Sir, mere ghar pe ek cockroach hai, jo seedha Reema aur Keshav ke photo pe jaa ke baith gaya. Iska kya matlab hua? Usse insaaf chahiye!”

From flawlessly laid down elements such as calling a black cat “Pannauti” and the recurring motif of a cockroach, this “black comedy” (total understatement, by the way) leaves no stone unturned in terms of audience engagement. Every scene is packed so tightly with all the right kind of thriller-comedy fizz, oozing out incessantly, roping the audience closer and closer into an altered state of mind. The use of going right into a persona’s vision and actually depicting it so distinctly definitely worked in the film’s favour.

Manmarizyaan director Kanika Dhillon has quite a flair with her character making. Every persona unapologetically owns their qualities, so much so that even the two ladies Reema and Megha (Amrita Puri) had certain subtle differences in their caricatures resulting in an overall marked distinction, despite having a more or less similar purpose in the film’s plot.

Moving onto my absolute favourite part of Judgmental Hai Kya – the performances. Calling Kangana Ranaut a phenomenal actor would be a huge trivialization. The woman has the power to do so much with so little and simply create magic on screen! The faint changes in expression on her face – the way she tells Rao in such a sensual manner “I heard smoking kills” , to her next-level baller attitude with the cops while picking one month of mental asylum over a twenty thousand rupee fine. Her skill unknowingly amplifies the creepiness of this thriller. But mind you, Rajkumar ‘Hotness’ Rao is no less! The guy is gifted with the ability to be anything and everything (a true kalaakaar, I would say) with swift transitions in his body language and dialogue delivery. A fiery, juicy power jodi indeed!

This Prakash Kovelamudi directorial is fundamentally an S-shaped sigmoid curve, with an explosive and exponential build-up pre-interval and reaching a stoned-high peak in the latter half. My only only problem – the film ended on a low…almost as if the makers were so stoned they just couldn’t be bothered anymore.

A pro-tip for you guys – DO NOT miss this one. No matter what. Promise me? Please. Okay? Thanks.

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