Director Siddharth Anand joins hands with YRF productions to create an ultimate visual treat (without any brains) starring our two major heartthrobs in a bland, unexciting spectacle!

Rating – 2.5 / 5 ⭐⭐½

With all that effort gone behind the high-quality action, exotic locations and unneeded back-to-back fight sequences, was it too much to ask for a half-decent storyline? Sidhharth Anand’s ‘War’ is a classic example of one of those “could-have-been” movies (much like Bang Bang & Baaghi), which genuinely could have been something so much better & bigger had its makers moved slightly away from the commercial aspects and focused on getting a solid plot. Although, having said that, Hrithik Roshan, you stole my heart…again!

Kabir Anand (Hrithik Roshan), India’s best agent, goes rogue and turns into a threat as he begins to kill off a few of India’s most respected. Kabir’s ex-student/biggest fan/subordinate Khalid (Tiger Shroff) is appointed by Colonel Luthra (Ashutosh Rana) to do whatever it takes to find Kabir and save the day. Thereafter, the next 2 hours that follow are full-on “paisa vasool”, consisting of some whistle-worthy dialogues, flying kicks, metal-hard punches and a very attractive Hrithik Roshan!

The fight sequences, which essentially formed the meat of the film, were timed with great precision – every scene was succeeded by a breather, giving its viewers adequate time to get pumped for some more action. This was probably the sole good thing about War. The masala-movie disguised a patriotic thriller desperately lacked that spark in its entertainment quota – with out of place songs serving no purpose at all (cause two intelligence agents dancing on “Jai Jai Shiv Shankar” is totally normal, right?), totally avoidable flashbacks and flashforwards and an oh-so-unnecessary Soni Razdan as Khalid’s Ammi, it’s safe to say that War was undoubtedly “made for the masses”, delivering nothing more than some cheap thrills and eye-candy.

Jo seekha hai, aap se seekha hai…gaddari toh aapne sikhayi hi nahi!

Hrithik ‘hotness’ Roshan unquestionably steals the spotlight (and how), so much so that Tiger Shroff fans are bound to be disappointed, hopelessly hunting for their bae in every scene. But the main question is where the hell is Vaani Kapoor? I clearly remember seeing her on the film’s poster before entering the theatre, but even after waiting till post-interval, we pretty much only witness her in Ghungroo! Anupriya Goenka, on the other hand, had a much more relevant and well-curated roll that she went on to do major justice to. Both our leading men played two perfectly admirable characters and performed well to their strengths (one, of course, better than the other).

The incessant twisting and turning of the plot at random occasions was by far the most amateur and unintellectual part of this Siddharth Anand directorial. The number of loop holes created made it easy for the audience to lose interest and that combined with certain irrelevantly elongated action sequences only led to a room full of yawns. But how does the storyline even matter when you have two such handsome hunks sharing a screen. Watch out guys, the box office is about to explode!

If you walk into the theatre expecting some ground-breaking patriotic cinema, let me just spoil it for you – War is nothing but two hot guys clashing into one another, time and again until our eyes are satisfied, after which, we can all go home and watch Dhoom 2!

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