Our evergreen “serial kisser” Emraan Hashmi is back to engross you in this mindboggling thriller, filled with jaw-dropping suspense, attractive babes, soulful tracks but sans the kissing scenes…

Rating – 3 / 5 ⭐⭐⭐

If you thrive on films such as Ittefaq, Badla, Ajnabee etc., you will agree that edge-of-the-seat thrillers are simply soul food. However, if you’ve also sat through unfortunate films such as Aksar, Mission Istanbul and Cash, you’ll certainly appreciate the fact that a well-made murder mystery needs more than just a fresh, engrossing script. Well, luckily for us, The Body is one of those few, unseen Emraan-starrers that cuffs you to your chair and consumes you from start to end, so much so that your mind is blown!

Predominantly set in a forensic laboratory in Port Louise, The Body focuses on Ajay Puri (Emraan Hashmi), an average middle-aged fellow interrogated by the SP (Rishi Kapoor) for the murder of his stunning, successful, multi-millionaire wife Maya Verma (Sobhita Dhulapalia). Although the case might seem straightforward or even redundant, things get eerie (yet exciting) when strange things start happening to Ajay, hinting at the idea that perhaps Maya isn’t as dead as he planned…

Despite having a tight, gripping plotline with absolutely no loopholes whatsoever, what’s interesting was that this 1 hour 41 minute film entailed 8 hours of the protagonist’s life. Every scene was relevant, in either adding to the suspense or solving the mystery and kept all eyes stuck to the screen (but I’m only looking at you, Emraan). The story developed in a systematic, controlled way, intriguing the audience a bit more with each piece of information given out. However, its consistency derailed a tad bit pre-intermission when they added two dream sequences for no reason at all. Regardless, the film’s timing was accurate and I loved how they got the interval at a cliff-hanger!

“Maine sab kuch sahi kiya tha, uske bachne ka koi chance hi nahi tha!”

A greatly impressive aspect of The Body I’d like to point out is its phenomenal camerawork – every shot, every frame seemed to have a purpose and add to the story’s value in some way, maximizing the camera’s ability to wring out every drop of suspense. The very first scene with the car accident was probably the most striking and memorable one – the camera angle was from the driver’s seat on the road as the car moved swiftly through the road until the accident comes across as a jump-scare of sorts, immediately grabbing the audience’s attention and holding onto it right till the end credits.

Talking about my favourite part, the performances! Overall, all three leads pulled off highly persuasive performances and consumed the audience wholeheartedly with their mature acting skills. Rishi Kapoor was oh-so-effortless with an infectious yet thrilling energy, except his over-enthusiasm got slightly annoying during the rather serious scenes. Sobhita, why so hot babe? Miss Dhulapalia here executed a steamy, convincing act of a powerful & controlling wife and might I say, she and Emraan Hashmi made a dream pair! Which brings me to the main man, of course! It was so so refreshing to finally watch this cutie back in the game with his killer looks and delivering an empathic performance as an opportunistic yet helpless husband. The only wrong member of this other genre-fitting cast would be Vedhika Kumar, who played the role of Emraan’s extra-marital love affair – her acting was significantly below the others’ standards, hereby making it difficult to take her seriously.

Who else is obsessed with that Shreya Ghoshal song that keeps playing every now and then? Nope? Just me? Oh well, try not missing out on this one guys and for all you Emraan fans (like me) out there, sadly, this film deprived us of those sex scenes we so badly miss!

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