Director Raj Mehta brings together an intelligently chosen ensemble for an IVF comedy! Damn, now that’s quite a #dhamakaa end to 2019…but is it though? Let’s find out whether I have #GoodNewwz to give or not!

Rating – 3 / 5 ⭐⭐⭐

It’s no secret that out-of-the-box original scripts make my heart smile. They set a reminder that Bollywood has not yet become intellectually bankrupt and still has the strength to create cinematic magic (cinemagic?) that encompass more than just rap-filled old Hindi songs or CGI-driven movies. This past weekend, we were given a stunning foursome, who were hell-bent in delivering smirks and giggles till the end of glory. However, if you guys have watched the trailer, you’d agree that infinite sex innuendos and pregnancy jokes could have easily be derived from such a “dhaansu” storyline (well, more than just calling sperm “spam”). But let’s just say Good Newwz was one of those movies where the trailer set our expectations a bit too high while the film failed to match up…aaj kal yeh hi fashion hai.

Varun (Akshay ‘hotness’ Kumar) and Deepu Batra (Kareena Kapoor Khan), your modern-day progressive, workaholic couple have desperately been trying to have kids for a while, but all in vain so far. With Deepu’s fertility chances decreasing and societal pressure drastically increasing, they land up at a state-of-the-art fertility clinic run by the famous Dr. Joshi (Adil Hussain). But what are the chances – Honey (Diljit Dosanjh) and Monika Batra (Kiara Advani), too, are trying to have a baby via Dr. Joshi’s clinic. Well, goofy things are bound to happen, so the clinic accidentally mixes up the sperm samples of the two Mr. Batras and their wives are successfully pregnant with umm…the wrong husband? Ha, that’s definitely good news!

For namesake reasons, why don’t we start with the goods? A sharply dressed Khiladi Kumar presented himself and grabbed onto the audience’s attention right from the word go, with a flawless Kareena Kapoor Khan following soon after. There was minimal screen-time wastage in the first half as the film dived into the main plot from the first scene itself, establishing husband-wife relations between Akshay-Kareena. Strategically, utmost attention was paid to detail – with hubby Akshay not wanting to have sex because “mujhe potty aa rahi hai” to wifey Kareena lifting her legs post intercourse to increase chances. Lol. Witty dialogues combined with unusual scenarios made the whole package a lot more interesting and relatable, while still maintaining impeccable comic timing throughout the film’s length.

“Tumhe baccha chahiye ki nahi?” – “Of course chahiye, but aise nahi ki bedroom mein jaate hue aisa lage jaise surgical strike ke liye jaa raha hoon”

Jodi number two Diljit & Kiara make a swagger entrance after the first quarter (but sadly, matching up to Akki-Kareena was a challenge). Diljit’s infectious energy dominated almost right till the very end, although Kiara did seem to slack off a bit here and there – probably expected given her daft and hollow personality. However, my favourites were definitely Adil Hussain and Tisca Chopra as Dr. & Dr. Joshi, they were committed to pulling off their sober doctor character with great lightheartedness and a casual vibe, stringing the various events of the film together. Although not derailing too much, the storyline did waver significantly post-interval. Desperate attempts were made to maintain comedy with a stoned Akshay smoking joints and the two couples fighting over contracts and whatnot…But don’t worry, the worst is yet to come – the senti part of the film filled with regret, fear and empathy came on a bit too strong and almost ate away from the otherwise hilarity of the second half.

My biggest problem with Good Newwz – its audacity to promote outdated, irrelevant thoughts related to childbirth. We first have Tisca Chopra, a certified professional gynac instigating Kareena to reconsider abortion by pointing out the baby’s heart during the ultrasound. As you may have guessed, this was followed by Kareena declaring “I can’t have an abortion, I’m not a murderer.” And lastly, we have Miss Advani preaching “apna khoon toh apna khoon hota hai na?” when asked why not adopt if you can’t get pregnant. Writers Jyoti Kapoor and Raj Mehta, if you’ve set out to make an extraordinary, new-age film with four such striking actors, maybe try maintaining that modernism with your writing as well?

That being said, Good Newwz is flooded with good looks, good acting, good (enough) jokes and Akshay. Hope that helps you form your opinion? See you next year my loves!

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Diu Somani, The CineSurgeon, is a student of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery at the Royal Veterinary College in London. Diu has two main loves, animals and Bollywood.