After a hard-hitting, greatly effective season 1 back in 2018, Amazon Prime Video fails to live up to the hype surrounding quite a lazily written season 2. Production costs might have increased but show quality has definitely gone to the dumps!

Rating – 2.5 / 5 ⭐⭐½

For all you Breathe Season 1 fans out there (much like myself), let me ask you this – what did you absolutely love about the first season? Was it R Mahadhavan’s powerfully persuasive performance? Was it the classic edge-of-seat chor-police chase? Or was it the phenomenal, well-maintained suspense build-up, the kind that literally leaves you gasping for air! Well, I hate to burst your bubble but our much-awaited Season 2 offers none of the above – with tedious conflict development and underwritten characters, the only thing we can bank on is our same old sexy Amit Sadh.

Dr. Avinash Sabharwal (Abhishek Bachchan), a psychiatrist by profession, lives quite the perfect, peaceful life with his beautiful wife, chef Abha Sabharwal (Nithya Menon) and 6-year old juvenile-diabetic daughter Siya (Ivana Kaur). Avinash & Abha’s world takes a dreadful turn when their child suddenly gets kidnapped and the two are forced to go around killing randomly chosen individuals as ransom. Enter Inspector Kabir (Amit Sadh) – a mentally not-so-stable cop fighting his own inner battles, hell bent on catching the cold-hearted killer. In this psychologically-stirring cascade of Avinash vs. Kabir, who’s gonna win?

Psychatrist hoon. Aur ek psychiatrist se better mind games kaun samajh sakta hai?”

– Avinash Sabharwal

While the first 2 to 3 episodes do a fair job in igniting sparks of hope for an eventful season, you’re bound to be almost 100% unconcerned by the time the 6th or 7th episode rolls in in this 12-episode series. Director Mayank Sharma’s tension development was honestly quite a tease, almost like a low-quality drug that guarantees to get you high but leaves you sober as hell in just minutes. The psychological-thriller genre is undoubtedly a difficult one to pull off and when you add amateurish filmography and a soulless screenplay to the already badly-made batter, well, it’s a lost cause.

Coming to performances, I must say that although Abhishek Bachchan wasn’t a complete disappointment, he was definitely not the star-studded fuel we all hoped for (so, what was all the hype about?) Amit Sadh, on the other hand, has maintained every aspect of his character as Kabir Sawant from Season 1 with utmost poise and effortlessness. Moving on to the ladies, what a waste of a stunning Saiyami Kher – from a stand-alone spotlight in Anurag Kashyap’s Choked to a mere irrelevant hooker in Mayank Sharma’s Breathe 2…the actress could have unquestionably been put to better use had the subplots been developed a bit more cleverly. However, the Mission Mangal actress Nithya Menon was a refreshing breath of air! As a graceful supporting wife to our lead Mr. Bacchan or moulding into a lesbian and pulling off those steamy scenes effortlessly, she demanded complete audience attention every time she appeared on screen. Safe to say, the woman’s got talent and personally, I’m so glad it’s being put to good use!

Looking at the glass half full, I’m glad Breathe 2 pushed forth the possibility of having grave mental disorders and the urgent need to treat them, and Avinash’s profession as a psychiatrist was quite a win for the series!

On a parting note, well, if you’re bored in the house & in the house bored, Breathe Into The Shadows is for you! However, if you happened to miss out on Season 1 or haven’t caught up with the better quality content out there, don’t stress yourself out with this one & take a look at my #CineRecommend series on Instagram! 😉 #SelfPromoting much? Lol.

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