The newest addition to the Hotstar multiplex rage, Mahesh Bhatt’s Sadak 2, a supposed spin-off sequel to the OG 1991 Sadak…minus all the good qualities I guess? Oh dear Maheshji, did you really have to ruin your own classic tale 19 years later? Well, here comes my thrash!

Rating – 1 / 5 ⭐

Those of you who’ve actually seen Sadak back in the day, you’ll agree that certain Sanjay-Pooja romance scenes still flash by our eyes, giving us all kinds of filmy vibes – like when he sees her for the first time while driving on the sadak and suddenly brakes the car uff! Director Mahesh Bhatt’s 19 year-later sequel Sadak 2, recently released on Disney Hotstar, is almost as if someone has sucked away all he fire, passion (and logic?) out of the original Sadak and replaced it with a senseless, forceful nepotistic product that was made for absolutely no reason at all…or maybe just to gift the dearest daughter Alia Bhatt yet another on-screen opportunity and sadistically watch the audience suffer in pain.

See-sawing somewhere between overexaggerated nonsense and unrelatable rubbish, Sadak 2 follows a whacko badass 20-year old Aarya (Alia Bhatt), a girl on a mission who believes her own mother died due to the dhongi guru Gyaan Prakash (Makarand Deshpande) and is hell-bent on exposing these fake God messengers and unraveling the truth behind their myths. She decides to embark on this adventure to find evidence against Gyaan Prakash with the help of taxi driver & ex-aashiq Ravi Kishore (Sanjay Dutt) as well as her just-got-out-of-jail musician boyfriend Vishal (Aditya Roy Kapur). Honestly, after this point, the film spiraled down a tedious, illogical rabbit hole and paying attention to the plot seemed next to impossible!

“Apni love story inn sadkon par shuru hui thi, ab upar hi khatam hogi”

– Ravi Kishore

Not-so-surprisingly, this Mahesh Bhatt directorial’s flimsy storyline wasn’t the only problem – the primary conflict was set up on quite a poor foundation, giving us viewers absolutely zero context or backstory as to what is happening & why?! Then how do you expect your watchers to stay interested? Despite being infested with dialogues inducing absolutely no meaning or emotion, the film was also balancing on a very low relatability factor – with nothing to call back to or get inspired from, sitting through Sadak 2 was no less than a torturous experience. To aggravate the audience’s irritation even further, the film’s characters were so shabbily written that you are guaranteed to be asking yourself within the first 20 minutes “is everyone in this film a psychopath?” as each actor’s purposeless role seems to be floating around aimlessly trying to put some sense into this 2 hour trash…but all in vain.

Coming to performances, I don’t even want to get started! With all the viral hate for nepotism going around, it’s quite obvious that Alia Bhatt wasn’t given this role because of her acting skills (duh). Although this particular starkid has proven her talent time and again with films like Highway and Udta Punjab, it would have been inspiring to see her steal the show this time. I’m almost certain that Aditya Roy Kapur was placed into this disastrous spectacle for eye-candy purposes – I mean, so what if you have a stupid story? At least you have a pretty boy in the lead to make up for your lost viewers? The only charged-up battery fueling Sadak 2 was our very own Sanju baba! Even after all these years, it’s such a heartwarming experience to watch Mr. Dutt come on-screen and wholeheartedly mould into his character and perform, with so much grace & confidence at the same time.

To wrap up in the most accurate way possible, Sadak 2 is like a slowly progressing chronic disease that should be getting better over time but eventually leads to a painful, suffocating, toxic death…something that everyone should ideally try and escape from!

Support cinema, support talent, support art…but please don’t support garbage. Thank you.

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